Savvy Partners KEPSA to train 1,000 Entrepreneurs

Savvy Partners KEPSA to train 1,000 Entrepreneurs
Chidi Nwaogu | Savvy

Savvy has teamed up with Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) to train 1000 young Kenyans on how to build sustainable and innovative businesses.

KEPSA is the apex organization of the private sector in Kenya which supports Kenyan businesses with opportunities for training, networking, financial linkages, mentorship and coaching, access to markets, value chains, and access to investment opportunities.

The partnership between Savvy and KEPSA, driven by the AJIRA Digital Programme, aims to position Kenya as a top labor destination for multinational corporations as well as expand and encourage local and regional businesses, the public sector, and local and regional companies to create digital and digitally enabled work.

506 Kenyan entrepreneurs have received training and support from Savvy thus far.

Commenting on the partnership, Chidi Nwaogu of Savvy said, “Our partnership with KEPSA through the Ajira Digital Platform seeks to train an additional 1,000 young Kenyans to build sustainable and innovative impact-driven businesses.” He continued, “Having trained and supported 506 Kenyan entrepreneurs already, through the Savvy program, our partnership with KEPSA seeks to take that number to at least 1,500 Kenyan entrepreneurs by the end of 2022. By providing these entrepreneurs with training in business development, communications, and product design, Savvy will support them to become successful entrepreneurs and changemakers in Kenya and on the African continent.”

According to Rachel Gathu of KEPSA, “KEPSA is constantly facilitating linkage between organizations like Savvy, to create lasting and meaningful partnerships to add value to each other.” She continued, “Ajira is an initiative of the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of ICT, Innovations, and Youth Affairs that is being funded by Mastercard Foundation and implemented by different partners including KEPSA. The project’s mission is to enable 5 million Kenyans to access locally available digital and digitally-enabled jobs through linkages and digital skills training.”

Savvy was established to assist at least 100,000 unemployed professionals transition into entrepreneurship by providing them with the knowledge, skills, tools, resources, support network, and community to build sustainable, innovative, and profitable impact-driven businesses. Savvy is supported by the Roddenberry Foundation, the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, and the International Telecommunication Union.

The Savvy program, which is available in 111 languages, has received over 90,000 applications. As of this writing, it has selected and trained over 7,500 people in 156 countries, who have since established over 2,200 businesses in a variety of industries and geographies.


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