SMEDAN Unveils Digital Platforms to Support SMEs

SMEDAN Unveils Digital Platforms to Support SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) has launched three digital initiatives for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help boost sales and enhance capacity building.

In partnership with three indigenous companies, It launched MARKETHUB APP, developed in partnership with Concrete Communications Ltd, MSME Digital Academy developed in partnership with Sapphital Learning Ltd and an online equipment exhibition portal for MSMEs developed in partnership with the African Guadong Business Association.

Speaking at the virtual launch recently, the Director General/Chief Executive Officer, SMEDAN, Dr. Dikko Umaru Radda, said: “The Agency, therefore, is poised to explore and maximize the opportunities presented through emerging technologies to bring our offerings closer to the MSMEs in Nigeria and beyond.”

“Technology has indeed turned the whole world into a global village. It is easier to connect with people who are thousands of kilometers away via a click of a button. So also, it is possible to bring millions of people together under one platform where business ideas are exchanged and businesses invariably transacted, providing opportunities for growth.”

Also speaking the launch, the Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment Mrs. Mariam Katagum congratulated SMEDAN effort towards bolstering SMEs.

She said: “In this era of digitalisation and technology dominance, I am happy to be part of these great initiatives aimed at supporting the MSMEs in Nigeria to attain excellence in their operations, towards creating job opportunities, wealth creation and poverty alleviation. I, therefore, congratulate SMEDAN and her partners for spearheading the development of MSMEs in Nigeria through robust technological deployments.

“In today’s growing multifaceted world, MSMEs are concentrating more on using technology to spur growth, client value and market differentiation. As such, these businesses are embracing innovative technologies for breakthroughs and diversification. This is the case in a recovering post Covid-19 global economy.

“Technology is an important means to stimulate the economic efficiency of MSMEs and an enabler of sustainable development. Essentially, if the MSMEs must adapt to the changing external environment and meet market needs, they must take technology utilization as a way of life. In fact, the progressive development and growth of most successful MSMEs is relying more and more on continued use of technology.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria, in its effort to make MSMEs more effectual in the economy and to ensure balanced industrial development, has decided to promote their development in domestic industrial activities. This is aimed at repositioning the sub-sector for international competitiveness and also to make it a greater source of export earnings.”


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