Spurt! releases new product, to boost African SMEs


Spurt! a digital firm has launched ‘sync’, a new product designed to boost productivity and competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria and across Africa.

The company said that, on average, African businesses are less productive than those of their international rivals; as a result, the continent’s socioeconomic growth is still one of its key objectives.

In a statement, partnerships and business development associate, Adewale Ogundoyin, explained that this newly launched tool called Sync! “would fast- track the process of achieving common goals and targets within new and small business teams.”

The Spurt! team contends that it is “imperative to provide these digital tools to African SMEs so they may benefit from end-to-end team and project management” given the fact that 80 percent of productive organizations worldwide utilize some type of project management software.

Lead Strategist at Spurt!, Kristin Wilson, describes Sync! as one-stop-shop solution for “recruitment and talent management, project coordination and tracking, team communication and payments”.

In a further statement, she said, “This is possible because we have designed Sync! for new and small businesses with teams of 10 or less. This allows us to sustainably combine features from several platforms into one aggregator platform that is still affordable and easy to use.”

Team leaders and business owners on Sync! can engage with their existing teams or find freelancers to collaborate with on projects. The primary project management feature helps users to create a project, set specific milestones with timeframes and associated compensation as well as assign them to people.

Initial reports from their previously concluded private beta revealed that the product minimises the need to micromanage employees and helps drive confidence amongst all parties by ensuring that compensation is directly tied performance. One user described Sync! as a platform that will bring African businesses into the future of work whilst an investor explained that he invested in Sync! because he saw the potential to give startups and SMEs a tool to claw back against brain drain and competition through competitive workplace arrangements of the kind enabled on Sync!.

Sync! is free to use throughout its public beta period and will subsequently be billed as a subscription product for both businesses and freelancers. The platform is available via www.teamsync.tools.



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