Stratcomm Africa to promote SMEs in Brand Reputation Week and Awards

Stratcomm Africa announces plan to promote SMEs
Stratcomm Africa to promote SMEs in Brand Reputation Week and Awards (Source: Eric KWAKU VLIDZO)

Ghana – Strategic Communications Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa) has unveiled its plans to promote Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with the introduction of the Annual Brand Reputation Week and Awards celebration.

Through the initiative, Stratcomm Africa will provide an opportunity for these SMEs, individuals and organisations to deepen their effective communication approaches for brand enhancement for growth and development.

The week-long celebration aligns with Global Entrepreneurship Week, a special week set aside to celebrate entrepreneurs and empower them to scale up their businesses.

The event will discuss the theme: “Skill up in communication to scale up your business.”

Speaking at the opening, the founder and CEO of Stratcomm Africa, Ms Esther A. N. Cobbah said that the week celebration sought to draw attention to the benefits that a solid brand reputation delivers to nations, organizations, and people.

He claimed that the theme emphasized how crucial it is for business owners to develop the appropriate communication and business skills in order to expand their enterprises.

The use of digital communication for reputation management and business growth, she said, would be the main topic of the event.

According to Ms. Cobbah, the current increase in digitalization has given business owners the chance to reach a large audience with their goods and services; as a result, if the appropriate knowledge and abilities were put to use, business owners could expand their operations and successfully manage their reputations.

According to her, Stratcomm Africa has the know-how to effectively influence SME operations through digital communication for reputation management and business growth while positively influencing overall country development and advancement.

She announced that on November 30, 2022, there would be a Clinics Reputation seeking to offer communication consultancy guidance to SMEs and organizations wishing to expand by turning their firm in a new direction, tackling new difficulties, or needing new perspectives to succeed.

The founder stated that Stratcomm Africa would provide SMEs with individualized consulting through the Business Clinics, as well as the strategies, skills, and assistance they need to expand and improve their businesses.

She announced that the SME Communication Awards program would formally launch to enable SMEs to demonstrate how communications affect their businesses.

“The SMEs with the most impactful communications approach will be awarded and some will be given the opportunity to receive professional communications services from Stratcomm Africa,” she said.

The CEO of WEAR Ghana, Ms. Awura Abena Agyeman, praised Stratcomm Africa for the initiative to help SMEs bridge their communication gap.

Other events planned for the occasion include the holding of workshops on business planning, conversation about the importance of research in communication, conversation about reputation management, conversation about the role of digital in business growth, conversation about reputation management, and conversation about media relations.

In Ghana, SMEs make about 92 percent of all firms and roughly 70 percent of the nation’s GDP (GDP).

Therefore, it cannot be contested that SMEs have the capacity to support domestically driven growth in both developing and established industries, as well as to increase the economy’s resilience.


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