SweepSouth sweeps into Nigeria

SweepSouth (Source: SME South Africa)

SweepSouth, an online company founded in 2014, provides house cleaning services on demand in a number of South African locations.

Following significant funding, including from Naspers, the company is actively growing across the rest of the continent.

The business acquired the Egyptian startup FilKhedma, a home services marketplace with operations in three cities, in December in order to expand into the North African country.

It has now entered Nigeria under the guidance of its brand-new national manager, Awazi Angbalaga. She stated that SweepSouth had been testing its service in Nigeria for the preceding two months, and that the feedback had been positive.

“Even though we’ve mostly been testing out our service here, we’ve already had our first 300 bookings, and the response we’ve gotten confirms our suspicion that Nigerians find our offer to be intriguing.

“Even though we have more appointments every week, our priority is still giving our clients the finest service possible,” according to Angbalaga.


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