UNCTAD, ICSB, UN DESA, UNIDO to celebrate MSME Day 2020 with a virtual event


In celebration of MSME Day (June 27), the Permanent Mission of Argentina, UNCTAD, UN DESA, UNIDO and ICSB (International Council for Small Business) will hold a virtual event on June 25, 2020. The theme for MSME day 2020 is “MSME as first responder to the Covid-19 Crisis”.

This event will bring together ministers, high level policy makers, leadership of major international organizations, business associations, academia, other key stakeholders in the private and public sector to contribute to the collective voice of MSME solidarity. The event will provide an opportunity for an interactive stakeholder dialogue on how to support MSMEs in these difficult times, so they can seize the moment to enhance their role and impact on sustainable and inclusive growth in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and of the post COVID-19 resurgence.

With more than two-thirds of the global population employed by MSMEs, the event will highlight the rapid action needed in facilitating economic and social recovery for MSMEs globally. MSMEs Day celebration on June 25th will also discuss policy measures and capacity building efforts needed to build a more sustainable and resilient MSME sector, including best practices for and lessons learned due to COVID-19 impacts.

Gathering representatives from all different regions of the world, the celebrations consist of a high level  opening session, followed by two hour-long panel sessions (hosted by UNCTAD and DESA), and closes with a concluding ceremony to capture the incredible work and progress of MSMEs and to advance us all further into our new better normal.

Partner organizations will conclude the informative sessions with an action-oriented send-off to guide organizations and business as they fully embody their better normal.

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