Virtual PayPal Terminal to unveil new Payment Platform for SMEs

Vin Obieze Co-founder Virtual PayPal Terminal

After sealing a transaction that earns it a 70% stake with top Nigerian-based cryptocurrency merchants and companies, Virtual PayPal Terminal has taken on a new role on the Nigerian global payments services scene.

Nigeria’s # 1 PayPal payment plugin, in addition to partnering with some large Lagos retailers and businesses, VPT has initiated movements to launch a suite of payment offers for business owners

VPT is introducing PayPal payment technology to the store for website owners. The company will launch an in-store payment system targeting smaller merchants.

Not surprisingly, Virtual PayPal Terminal is going after small businesses with an in-store solution.

There is a huge market in supplying a merchant payment platform, as evidenced by the growth and success of Paystack.

Talking about why he came up with the new product and how he intends to revolutionize PayPal transactions in the country.

Vin Obieze, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual PayPal Terminal said: “We are honored to become the first Nigerian technology platform to provide PayPal online payment services in Nigeria.

“We look forward to partnering with Nigerian Technology Platforms, providing a more comprehensive set of PayPal payment solutions to businesses and consumers, both in Nigeria and globally.”

This opportunity represents great growth potential for PayPal merchants. That is because online payments in Nigeria are experiencing rapid growth.

It should be interesting to see how Virtual PayPal Terminal plans to help bring a PayPal solution to small business owners with its in-store platform, which will be rolled out soon.

With the in-store feature system, PayPal users can pay for items through their PayPal account directly from their website’s point of sale systems using the virtual PayPal Terminal.




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