Visa Partners GIG Logistics to Introduce Special e-Commerce Tariff for MSMEs

Visa Partners GIG Logistics to Introduce Special e-Commerce Tariff for MSMEs

A new partnership between Visa and GIG Logistics (GIGL), aimed at introducing a special e-Commerce tariff for MSMEs, has been Visa has been announced. Visa made the announcement through a statement made available to the media.

The collaboration grants access to a discounted tariff plan to merchants with GIGL  who have signed up on the Visa Small Business Hub for their logistics needs.

Commenting on the partnership, in a statement made available to the media, Vice President, Visa West Africa, Kemi Okusanya, affirmed Visa’s role as a payment enabler and its continued efforts in supporting the recovery and sustainable growth of MSMEs during the nation’s economic recovery.

“Visa has continuously shown its support in the recovery of African economies, through strategic partnerships to help reposition small businesses for improved growth and recovery.

“Our partnership with GIGL seeks to further provide a platform for business owners to enjoy discounted offers to better serve the everyday consumer.

“GIGL continues to validate unflinching support for digital commerce merchants and MSMES by solving the most critical factor with online and offline sales, which is delivery to the end user,” she stated.

On her part, Merchant Support and Growth Manager, GIG Logistics Mosun Suleiman said, “powering decentralised commerce and providing adequate support for MSMEs through initiatives and strategic partnerships are integral parts of our business culture and we are committed to building practical solutions that simplify logistics by providing timely, cost efficient and effective deliveries while returning best value to all stakeholders.”

Meanwhile, MSMEs who wish to enjoy these benefits will be redirected to the GIGL Merchant Portal Page when they visit the Small Business Hub on the Visa Nigeria website.

“Also, business owners can access up to 25 per cent discounts on all GIGL tariffs when they fund their wallets with a Visa business or corporate card via the GIGGo App or the GIGL website.

“Visa has continued to deploy online resources to empower MSMEs across the country with the right tools and knowledge to help them transition to the digital economy and grow their businesses,” the statement added.





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