WhoGoHost Boosts Services With SendChamp acquisition , Paving the Way for Enhanced Digital Communication for MSMEs

WhoGoHost Boosts Services With SendChamp acquisition , Paving the Way for Enhanced Digital Communication for MSMEs

WhoGoHost, West Africa’s largest cloud infrastructure company, has announced the acquisition of SendChamp, the cloud communications startup that powers online messaging for African businesses for an unrevealed amount.

WhoGoHost, a prominent player in cloud infrastructure services has taken a decisive step forward by acquiring SendChamp, a rising star in cloud communications.

The acquisition deal entails WhoGoHost gaining access to SendChamp’s diverse product offerings, including marketing messages, OTP (One-Time Passwords), and robust customer support systems. This integration is expected to significantly amplify the value proposition of WhoGoHost’s services, empowering them to better serve the needs of their customers.

This transition will enable WhoGoHost to focus on domains, online presence, communication, and online commerce products, marking a significant expansion of their service portfolio.

WhoGoHost’s Founder, Opeyemi Awoyemi, expressed enthusiasm about this transformative deal, emphasizing its potential to redefine their business landscape. The acquisition positions WhoGoHost as a comprehensive one-stop shop for digital services, poised to cater to the evolving needs of entrepreneurs and businesses across Africa.

Goodness Kayode, the CEO of SendChamp, shared insights into the strategic decision to join forces with WhoGoHost. He highlighted the synergies between their products and strategic positioning, indicating that this partnership was a natural fit.

Despite being a relatively young company, SendChamp has already forged partnerships with over 6,000 businesses, including notable names like Surebet247, Baxi, Chowdeck, Wirepay by Maplerad, and Bumpa. The company also secured an angel round funding of $100,000 in 2021, with participation from key investors including DFS Lab, Hustler Capital, HoaQ Club, and Velocity Digital.

Following the acquisition, SendChamp will operate independently for the next few months, ensuring a seamless transition for its customers. However, its suite of products and services will become seamlessly accessible through WhoGoHost’s integrated platform. This phased approach is designed to prioritize and safeguard the customer experience throughout the transition process.

As part of this acquisition, SendChamp’s CEO, Goodness Kayode, and CTO, Damilola Olotu, will join the WhoGoHost team, assuming leadership positions. Goodness Kayode will serve as the Chief Product Officer, while Damilola Olotu will take on the role of Chief Technology Officer, further strengthening the combined expertise of both companies.


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