Young People Who Plan to Become Entrepreneurs Should Learn Patience – Moyosola Afolayan

Young People Who Plan to Become Entrepreneurs Should Learn Patience - Moyosola Afolayan
Moyosola Afolayan, CEO Beautiful Sheets
Moyosola Afolayan is a passionate entrepreneur . She is  a graduate of English Language and education from the University of Ilorin and the CEO of Beautiful Sheets. In this interview with MSME Africa, she shares some advice with fellow entrepreneurs.
Kindly tell us about your business
My business name is Beautiful sheets. It is about selling high quality durable fabric bed sheets to the customer.We ensure the demand of quality from customers are met. We also ensure at our customers at every touch point with our business have great experiences
What should anyone going into your kind of business know before they set out?
Anyone going into my kind of business must know that integrity rules the business.You must be ready to be truthful to the customer. Your measurements must be the same with what you wrote on the package. If they found out that you have cheated them, they will tell others and may even call you out . Trust is eroded and that, of course , is not something desirable.
What are the challenges of doing business in Nigeria?
One of the biggest challenges is capital.Many people do not have the financial capacity to invest in their business knowledge wise and materially. Also, lack of basic infrastructure, unfavourable government policies, multiple taxes, electricity problem and many others are some other challenges that entrepreneurs in our clime face on a daily basis.
What would be your advise for young people who plan to become entrepreneurs?
It is not the day you plant the seed that you eat the fruit.My advise to young people is that they should be patient.


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