ABCON Proposes Tenfold Increase in Minimum Capital Requirement for Forex Traders

ABCON Proposes Tenfold Increase in Minimum Capital Requirement for Forex Traders

In a pivotal move aimed at fortifying the forex trading landscape, the Association of Bureau De Change Operators of Nigeria (ABCON) has urged the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to amplify the minimum capital requirement for forex traders. The current threshold of N35 million is proposed to surge to an empowering N350 million ($454,888), signifying a substantial leap in financial capacity.

ABCON, a prominent body representing Bureau De Change operators in Nigeria, has taken the lead in championing this proposition. The association, under the leadership of President Aminu Gwadebe, seeks to elevate the standards and capabilities of its members while strategically streamlining its operations.

The primary objective behind this call for increased capital is to foster a robust and more resilient forex trading sector. By elevating the financial threshold, ABCON envisions a landscape that is better equipped to manage diaspora remittances and other foreign inflows, effectively channeling these vital resources to support local enterprises, including small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs).

 President Aminu Gwadebe underscores the need for this critical shift, emphasizing that it aligns with the broader goal of enhancing operational efficiency and reducing redundancy within the sector. The proposal is not only about raising the bar in terms of capital but also about instigating a potential consolidation of operators.

ABCON advocates for a strategic merger strategy, suggesting that groups of Bureau De Change entities come together to collectively meet the proposed N350 million capital requirement. Drawing parallels to the consolidation witnessed in the banking sector in 2004, this approach is seen as a means to bolster the collective strength and operational capacity of the industry.

President Gwadebe elucidates, “We asked for a merger, consolidation, like 10 BDCs coming together to fund the N350 million proposed minimum capital requirement to reduce the number of BDCs. It is better because we are doing nothing just because they said we are too many, so is it not better to merge and we are doing business so that we can form capacity.”

This proposal marks a significant turning point in the evolution of Nigeria’s forex trading landscape. As discussions continue, the potential impact of this move on the Bureau De Change sector and its broader implications for the financial ecosystem will unfold. This is indeed a story in progress, one that holds the promise of shaping the future dynamics of forex trading in Nigeria. Stay tuned for further updates.



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