Bantaba join forces with FI Ghana to quadruple African MSMEs Growth

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Bantaba has partnered with Founder Institute Ghana (FI Ghana), Africa’s best pre-seed business accelerator, to increase diaspora resources available to African tech startups.

Bantaba and FI Ghana have a common goal of assisting early-stage African start-ups in addressing the continent’s most pressing issues.

This is why the two companies have teamed up to expand access to diaspora resources.

All entrepreneurs from the Founder Institute Ghana will have access to all of the startup offers on Bantaba’s platform as part of the agreement.

They will also be evaluated for possible investment by the platform’s increasing roster of diaspora angel investors.

According to Simon R Turner, Managing Director of FI Ghana, the relationship would help the organization achieve its goal of assisting early-stage businesses.

He added, “It will provide a platform for startups to continue getting necessary resources and expand their network after the core FI program.”

Similarly, entrepreneurs within the Bantaba community will be able to apply for FI’s core program, which teaches all of the key requirements for reaching investment and sustainable growth milestones.

Lamin K. Darboe, the CEO of Bantaba, feels that partnering with FI will help the community achieve its mission of enabling African companies.

He went on to say that FI’s organized startup growth process has been a huge success and would be a huge help to the community’s early-stage startups.

The expansion of startups across Africa will continue to increase as a result of an influx of diaspora resources. The agreement will result in an influx of diaspora resources for both FI and Bantaba’s enterprises.

With an influx of diaspora resources, the growth of startups across Africa will continue to upsurge. The partnership will spark the inflow of diaspora resources for both startups within FI and Bantaba’s community.

The diaspora resources through the partnership with Bantaba will act as a catalyst in FI Ghana’s effort to promote startup growth.

We will not only help a business grow but also be able to provide more opportunity for fundraising and the support needed to ensure the continuous growth and scalability”, Simon added.

Applications for the FI Ghana Fall ‘22 virtual program are now open.


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