BQM Business Summit to discuss Business Continuity Strategy for MSMEs

Ayo Adeyemi, Publisher, Business Quotient Magazine

Foremost entrepreneurship focused publication- Business Quotient Magazine will hold the 2020 edition of its annual business summit via the zoom teleconferencing platform on June 2,2020 at 6pm. The decision to hold a virtual conference becomes necessary due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The theme of the summit is “Business Continuity Strategy for MSMEs:Beyond Covid-19’’.

In the words of  the publisher of the magazine, Ayo Adeyemi, ‘It has become necessary for experts to come together for the purpose of discussing this all important issue of how to ensure continuity for micro, small and medium enterprises in the face of this ravaging pandemic which has adversely affected businesses all over the globe’

The keynote speaker for the summit is Professor Olawale Ajai. He is a professor of Legal,Social  and political environment of Business at the Lagos Business School. Other speakers are Debo Adebayo, a business process and performance management specialist, Esther Amoye, Senior Consultant,People Transformation at Phillips Consulting and Luqman Obileye, Co-Founder/CEO at B-K-O Citadel Limited.

Business Quotient Magazine is a publication that provides information to educate budding entrepreneurs and existing businesses for success and development in their career. The magazine is positioned to promote and enhance the growth and sustainability of SMEs through timely proven information and opportunities.



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