Fate Foundation introduces ‘Journey in Entrepreneurship’ series

Fola Adeola, Founder and Chairman Fate Foundation

Fate foundation is set to launch a podcast series titled “Journeys in Entrepreneurship” soon.

According to a statement released by the foundation, the series was borne out of the idea to showcase entrepreneurial leadership stories of growth and scale across Nigeria and to tell these stories from an entrepreneur’s point of view.

The statement reads ‘Through this podcast series we aim to inspire hope, courage and faith as well as pass across business principles that have helped these Nigerian Entrepreneurs achieve greatness in the Nigerian business environment which has been described as being tough and difficult to do business in’.

The public is enjoined to subscribe to Fate Foundation’s YouTube channel to get notifications when the series is launched.

Fate Foundation was founded in 2000 by Fola Adeola to harness the strong entrepreneurial culture of Nigerians by providing the business incubation, growth and accelerator support required to fully explore their innovative potential. The Foundation’s sustainability model is driven by funding and technical support from local and international partners and enabled by a strong volunteerism strategy



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