Call for Applications: Carrington Fellowship Entrepreneurship Program for Student Entrepreneurs

Call for Applications: CYFI Entrepreneurship Program for Student Entrepreneurs

Youth unemployment is a significant challenge in Nigeria, as young people between the ages of 15 and 35 constitute over 60% of the country’s population and make up a significant portion of the unemployed population. The majority of this population consists of university students, who bring their unique perspectives to drive innovation and address business issues but are limited by funding, expertise, and an enabling environment.

This program will equip 50 aspiring and emerging student entrepreneurs in tertiary institutions across Lagos State with the skills, knowledge, and network to adapt to the changing business environment, innovate, and scale their businesses towards promoting youth employment and economic growth in Lagos State.

Application Criteria: Applicants must be a/an:

Qualified applications will be shortlisted for an interview. Successful applicants from the interview stage will be inducted into the program.

Application closes on June 30,2023

Get more details and apply HERE


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