Ecobank partners Google to equip African SMEs with digital skills


Ecobank Group, a pan-African banking conglomerate has disclosed its partnership with Google  in a bid to help equip African SMEs with the necessary digital skills to navigate and adapt to  the dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape.

The Pan-African bank stated that  it is utilising an e-banking product suite that will now integrate with Google functions like Google My Business and Google Ad products to empower the small and medium enterprise (SMEs).

Due to the increasing uncertainty being created by the  COVID-19 pandemic, work from home and social distancing are becoming the new norms. Ecobank’s eBanking product suite offers a range of e-products that keep clients informed as well as help  in making banking easier. The bank provides 24/7 access to customers, conveniently meeting the evolving cash management, payment and collection needs of businesses. The collaboration will enable both  firms  to assist African businesses to remain relevant and fulfil their potential by embracing digital capabilities..

Josephine Anan-Ankomah, Ecobank’s Group Executive for Commercial stated that  “As a longstanding pioneer in providing cutting-edge digital solutions for African businesses we are delighted to collaborate with Google to offer timely and relevant solutions, including Google My Business and Google Ad products. These are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our SME customers,”

Ecobank’s digital banking suite, along with Google alliance, is expected to empower SMEs to win.The digital packages are expected to be available to Ecobank’s SMEs customers across sub Saharan Africa in May 2020. With the partnership with Google, the bank ensures comprehensive engagement between SMEs and their customers as well as potential new customers “Our objective is to be the partner of choice for SMEs, by meaningfully supporting their success and growth. It is, therefore, a natural step for us to work with Google to help improve the capabilities of our SMEs customers. We are focused on helping them thrive by adopting technology, which is becoming increasingly essential for survival of businesses today.” added .

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, the parent company of the Ecobank Group was established in 1985. Ecobank is an independent regional banking group with presence in West Africa and Central Africa, serving wholesale and retail customers with 1,200 branches across 36 countries.


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