Geely Automotive to Invest $54 Million in Healthy Cars


Geely Automotive is set to develop healthy cars by investing $54 million to fund the initiative, while furthering its fight against the COVID-19.

In a statement, Geely Automative, said the move not only adds a new dimension to Geely’s understanding of, “passenger safety,” but also represents a new development direction for automobiles.

It explained that the development of a, “healthier car,” differs from specialised medical vehicles, adding that the company’s products are made for ordinary consumers.

It further stated that cars with comprehensive virus protection not only require the capability to isolate harmful substances in the air, it also needs to quickly and effectively purify cabin air for occupants.

The statement further explained that the company’s global R&D and design networks based in Europe, USA and China would jointly research new environmentally sustainable materials with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, “which can be used within air-conditioner systems and on frequently touched surfaces such as buttons and handles.”

“Geely Auto will make full use of its global R&D system and resources as well as cooperate with professional medical and scientific research institutions to set up special project teams to work on the new research.”

The President of Geely Holding Group and President and CEO of Geely Auto Group said: “Epidemic prevention is a job that requires the long-term effort of wider society. As the most common mode of transportation, consumers spend a considerable amount time in their cars, akin to a ‘second home’ Only by making healthier products can we meet consumer demand for better quality of life. Based on the automotive industry’s development direction built around electrified, connectivity, intelligence, and shared mobility, auto companies should commit to developing products that help protect the health of drivers and passengers. This will become one of Geely Auto key long-term development objectives.”

The statement revealed that in January, Geely Holding Group went into a collaboration with the Li Shufu Foundation to set up a special $30 million fund in support of the new coronavirus prevention and control.

It explained that the partnership was focused on mass purchasing of much-needed medical supplies for China in the short term.



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