GW Global Entrepreneurship Conference Week is October 25-29,2020

GW Global Entrepreneurship Conference Week

George Washington University is excited to announce the 11th Edition of GW Global Entrepreneurship Conference Week from October 25-29th (held virtually), in collaboration with International Council for Small Business (ICSB). It is FREE to all ICSB members and colleagues from around the world. (Click here to Register). This year the week’s theme is Resiliency.

George Washington University’s expansive and numerous entrepreneurship-related programs make it fortunate to have a wide variety of opportunities to foster collaboration and innovation, and it is from these that the university is able to envision one central event: an annual GW Entrepreneurship Week.

GW Entrepreneurship Week fosters collaboration with and innovation around people, connections, and ideas in one collective and cohesive week-long event. Together, in one virtual space, we have the opportunity to create expansive change within and throughout the university and our surrounding community.

Being celebrated in a strategic moment in time, post-corona and after a couple of months of schools reopening, we have the unbelievable opportunity to come together to share and learn the ways that we can be more resilient.

During Entrepreneurship Week, we will be joined by top entrepreneurship leaders from all over the world and GW’s family the way we can embody a heightened level of resilience moving forward.

See Schedule for the week here :



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