LEAP Africa partners DoW to Drive Youth Leadership in Africa


Indigenous Youth Development organisation, LEAP Africa has displayed its commitment to youth development through its Pan African ‘Youth Day of Service (YDoS)’ campaign.

The campaign’s third edition is being run in collaboration with Dow to honor International Youth Day. Dow will serve as the program’s main sponsor.

The YDoS campaign, which has the theme “Youthful and Useful,” is a youth-led social impact initiative.

According to the organization, The Youth Day of Service is a week-long event that aims to encourage African youth to volunteer and serve their communities, with an emphasis on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations while motivating them to be active social change agents.

Speaking on the campaign, Executive Director of LEAP Africa, Femi Taiwo stated that programme is driven towards building transformative leaders in the country.

He said, “We are committed to supporting and nurturing the agency of young people across the continent with skills and tools to enable them to become transformative leaders in their sphere of influence.

“The YDoS provides an enormous opportunity to engage the hands and hearts of individuals, the third sector, and public and private stakeholders to actualise the SDGs. Our partnership with Dow in this year’s edition will support our vision to sustain our wide reach on the continent.”

Speaking further, Managing Director of Dow Northern & Western Africa, Sami Mainich said, “Dow has always envisioned a better world built on human creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Over 25 years ago, we embarked on a sustainability journey initially focused on improving our operational footprint. Now, we are expanding our scope by applying blueprint thinking which drives us to collaborate to change entire systems to achieve transformative change.

“We recognise that the future is created by what is done today through empowerment, collaboration, and deliberate investments in the communities we live and work in. The needed transformative change is achievable only when the youths are empowered to realise their full potential.

“Our partnership with LEAP Africa on YDoS Campaign was designed as an opportunity for us to develop and support solutions that spark positive change, builds resilient and sustainable communities”.


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