MSMEs generate 84% employment in Nigeria – ILO

MSMEs generate 84% employment in Nigeria - ILO
Vanessa Lerato Phala. Director of the ILO Office for Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone at International Labour Organization.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has disclosed that micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) contribute 84 percent of Nigeria’s employment sector.

ILO, a specialised agency of the United Nations, has added that MSMEs account for 96 percent of businesses and 48 percent of the national GDP.

The Country Director of ILO, Vanessa Phala stated the figures at the opening session of the workshop on promoting favourble working conditions among personal protective equipment (PPE) producing MSMES which took place in Abuja.

She said that MSMEs are primary platforms for enterprises that play a crucial role to employment, wealth creation, and economic growth.

“Successful enterprises are at the centre of strong economies and societies: they create employment and raise living standards. MSMEs employ; large proportion of the workforce.

“In Nigeria, SMEs contribute 48 percent of national GDP, account for 96 percent of businesses and 84 percent of employment. This sector contributes significantly to alleviating poverty and increasing job creation,” he said.

This was as Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said it would train 174 Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and healthcare related products on the promotion of decent work in their operations.

General Secretary of NLC, Emma Ugboaja, represented by Mr Uche Ekwe, NLC Head of International said that the workshop was orgnaized to fortify the capacity of MSMEs in contributing to the Decent Work Agenda for the development of the country.

The workshop, organised by NLC and backed by the ILO aimed at creating awareness and sensitizing MSMEs on Decent Work Conditions for PPEs across the geo-political zones in Nigeria.

“NLC’s engagement in this is on the premise of its recognition and the fact that the MSMEs that are dominant operators in the informal economy are reputed to engage over 70 per cent of the working population, especially as it concerns women and youths.

“Therefore, promoting decent work conditions among the MSMEs will increase their functionality and make them contribute immensely to economic growth and development,” he said.


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