Ghana to launch Business E-registration platform, eliminate Goro Boys’ activities

Registrar General, Office of Registrar of Companies (ORC), Jemima Oware

The Registrar General, Office of Registrar of Companies (ORC), Jemima Oware has announced that business registration will be done digitally in a year’s time.

According to her, a software would be launched in a couple of months, a move she says will help eliminate activities of third party agents popularly called ‘Goro Boys’ who front for persons seeking to register their businesses.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion organised by Veritas International, on the theme, “Doing Business in Ghana: A Legal Perspective”, Mrs. Oware said her outfit will ensure that the processes for registering and doing business in Ghana is made less stressful.

“Through the World Bank’s funding, we are coming up with a completely new software, hopefully within a year. This should be deployed and it is going to be online.”

She observed that customers will not need to go into the offices of the Registrar of Companies to fill documents or submit same to get their businesses registered.

“It will be digital, you key in everything online. Wherever you are, you get your output and then you move on. If you want us to give you a certificate, you pay more for that”, Mrs. Oware said.

“It’s going to be such that when you go in with your hard copy documents, we’ll charge you more”, she added.

The Registrar of Companies gave assurance that the system will be user-friendly.

However, she expressed displeasure with Ghanaians showing little interest when it comes to registration of business.

“I don’t know why Ghanaians don’t always want to do things themselves. We always want somebody to do it and they’ll rip you off. A business registration is just ¢60. They will pay somebody ¢300 to register online for them a business,” she said.

President Akufo-Addo two weeks ago launched the Office of the Registrar of Companies that would take charge of the administration of companies and businesses in Ghana.


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