Pentacept Set to Organise Digital Media Training for Entrepreneurs

Pentacept Set to Organise Digital Media Training for Entrepreneurs
Kehinde Olofintuyi

All hands are on deck as Pentacept enterprise, a prominent digital marketing company is set to organize a bootcamp for persons interested in gaining knowledge in the media buying and digital marketing space.

The bootcamp, a 3-days adventure which will begin on April 16 at Lekki in Lagos, will provide opportunity for entrepreneurs and media enthusiasts to learn about creating and sustaining advert contents on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The programme offers an avenue for the 8 participants who will be organised on a first-come-first-serve basis to interact with the 3 facilitators on media buying across the 5 online platforms and 2 certificates at the cost of #100,000.

In an interview with Kehinde Olofintuyi, a digital media consultant, he explained that the pandemic and its effect made it important for business owners to be seen leveraging on the influence of the online space generally and digital marketing covers Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and other components which help brands attract leads and convert to customers.

In his words: “Things are no longer the same ever since the world experienced a major shift. A large number of companies moved their advertising budget to the online space where despite restrictions in movement, their ads were served on various online (social media) platforms as seen on several mobile phones every second”.

“According to a recent prediction by Forbes, social media will become a top channel for purchase, instead of just discovery. It is obviously happening now as several brands are leveraging on online advertising to engage their target audience, drive the necessary engagement and convert leads to customers.”

“This training is targeted to help media buyers and advertising companies practically learn how to buy advertising space for brands online using Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.”

“This training was specifically designed to upskill professionals in the Advertising niche, media buyers, real estate companies, fast moving consumable goods (FMCG) companies and individuals willing to start a career in the online media space in order to meet up with the demand of their clients regarding digital campaign”, he added.

Other benefits accrued to attending the training include a classic accommodation, DIY graphics class, content marketing session, diverse means of relaxation among others, after which participants will be awarded 2 certificates.


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